15 January 2016

Promoting Ecology Year 2

Year 2 students from Colegio San Gregorio (Aguilar de Campoo) were learning about natural life. Along this topic we have learnt about food chains and how we can classify the animals depending if the can live with us or not, or if we can get products from them. 

This is the #visualthinking mind map we got at the end of the topic. 

At the end of the topic we focus our attention on Ecology and what things we can do to take care of the enviroment. 

We mixed this part of Natural Science with our subject on Literacy and we learnt how to express a rule using HAVE TO... 

On the blackboard we wrote down different ideas the students thought were important to take care of the enviroment. And then we say them as if the were rules. In our cooperative groups we created posters in which we say the rule and ilustrate them with a picture. 

We also practised our speaking skills to spread our posters. You can wacth it in the following video. 


Year 2 students from @colsangregorio