17 June 2013

Teaching opposites

Year 2
Colegio San Gregorio.

In our aim to improve and increase our students' vocabulary, we taught them OPPOSITES. This is our schedule for two ESL lessons:

  1. We introduce the new vocabulary to them with the flashcards and using different vocabulary games on the carpet. 

2. We played a special BINGO, they created the bingo card in their notebooks and they had to choose nine adjectives. The teacher passed the flashcards around and they had to guess what the opposite was, and check if they had it into their bingo card. 

3. Then we played a pair game, with some mini-flashcards in which they had to look for an adjective and its  opposite.

4. Then we created OUR OPPOSITES BOOK, in which the students had to choose five adjectives and their opposites, they had to draw and write sentences about them. 

In the following video you can see the final book made by Zu Lei, one of my Year 2 students. He is seven years old and he is Chinese.

5. Some of them had the opportunity of reading their books to their classmates. Here you are the moment when Andrés told them about his opposites book. 

I hope you have liked it and found it useful for your esl lessons!

Javier Ramos Sancha

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