5 June 2013

We are Journalists!

Year 2 students at "Colegio San Gregorio" are the new reporters for the ESL Times.
Welcome to the Company!

This time I proposed my students to do an interview to their partner about personal things like favourite colours, hobbies or about their families.

The first step they have to write seven questions they wanted to ask to their classmates. Then they got into pairs to do the interview. 

As a good journalist they had to register all the information the person gave to them. In this video you can see how Zu Lei and Diego started with the activity. They are eight years old. 

When they had all the information they have to create the article in which they describe thier friend with all they information they had registered and collected with the interview.

Then they draw a picture as a photo for the newspaper in which they had to be with their friend. 
Here you can see the final product of Andrés, another of my eight year-old students.

They filed the activity in their own Portfolio Folder to record their achievement and progress into English.

I hope you liked!

Javier Ramos Sancha

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