13 June 2013

Colour Your English

An English free application: "Colour your English". Depeloped by Elisa Bueno Brinkmann and Manuel Merlo Fernández, both are teachers in IES Abdera-ADRA, Almería.

"Colour your English" is aimed at children between twelve and thirteen aged (1st and 2nd ESO level) to learn and improve their english. 

The main character, a twelve years olg boy, named Brian, will guide the students through his life along the multimedia activities and resources. 

There are four different modules: People in my life, Welcom to my school, A house in the country and Let's go places. All of them have seven different sections: Vocabulary, Grammar, Storyline, Culture, Meeting Point, WebQuest, Open Camera.

"Colour your English" wan the INTEF 2n price to Materiales Educativos 2008.

So after this short introduction to this free app, available to work on line as well as to download in your computer, it only rests to go on check it, and enjoy yourself with it!. 

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