28 March 2014

Open Voices now at YouTube and SoundCloud

Some days ago we introduced Open Voices in this very blog, a new e-project by a team of future CLIL Primary teachers at URJC.

Today, we are glad to present some evolutions in this e-project, as they have been working hard for the last days to be able to launch their e-project trailer as well as their podcasting channel, where they can already be depicted as talented brave reporters.

Don't miss their upcoming activities!

You can follow their blog and also their Twitter account, @openvoices_

26 March 2014

Working food in class

The students at CPR Barranco de Poqueira (Capileira) in 3rd Primary had been working the topic "Food".  They have done some interesting activities.

1º We chose 4 groups for studing vocabulary: Fruit, Drinks, Vegetables and Fast food.
(clic to open)

2º We were talking about likes and dislikes. They wrote sentences and searched some photos.

3º Finally, we recorded the audio

24 March 2014

Slavery Nowadays

From IES Vicente Medina in Archena (Murcia), the English teacher shares a great work in  class about slavery. Thanks Inmaculada!

2º B has been doing some research on different types of modern day slavery
They have also suggested ways to prevent them. Here is the result:

Click on the image to open it.

20 March 2014

A cien por año!

Casi sin darnos cuenta, hace unos días se publicó la entrada número 100 en The ESL Times y ahora se cumple un año de la publicación del primer post.

Aprovechamos para celebrar con vosotros, queridos lectores, ambas efemérides. Creemos que este periódico es ya un proyecto consolidado y queremos que siga siendo durante mucho tiempo el escaparate donde profesorado y estudiantes de inglés como LE, puedan mostrar sus trabajos, sus ideas, propuestas didácticas, etc. Y también que, con las aportaciones de todos los colaboradores podamos igualmente ofrecer un amplio banco de recursos de ‘fabricación propia’ ya sea para el uso en el aula o como material de autoaprendizaje.

Estamos muy orgullosos de las casi 50.000 visitas que ha tenido el blog en este tiempo así como de la presencia y seguimiento en las principales redes sociales.
Queremos dar las gracias a todos los colaboradores que son la razón de ser de este proyecto y sobre todo al alumnado de diferentes lugares y niveles educativos que ha trabajado duro hasta ver sus trabajos publicados en nuestro particular “Times”.

Con vuestra ayuda y colaboración, esperamos seguir cumpliendo más años y más ‘cientos’.

A hundred a year!

Time goes by very fast; just a few days ago we published our Post #100 at The ESL Times and now we are celebrating our first birthday, one year has gone since our first post and we do not really know how come that we have been into this e-project for a year now.

Anyway, we’d like to celebrate both events with you all, dear readers. We sincerely believe that this e-journal is now a solid project and we’d love to keep it up for a long time, turning it into a web room where both teachers and students of ESL can display their works, ideas, proposals and so forth. We also wish that, thanks to all collaborators’ contributions, we can also provide a wide bank of original resources for both autonomous learning and classroom usage.

We are very proud of having nearly 50,000 visits to our blog all along this year and of all the follows at the various social networks where our project has been regularly disseminated.

Of course, we would like to celebrate with you all with our warmest appreciation for all your contributions. Your collaboration is the reason why this e-project is alive, especially the contributions by the students from the various places, schools and different educational levels, who have worked very hard to see their outcomes published in our personal ‘Times’.

Without your help, a hundred a year would have never seen the light, and we would have never been one year old. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much!

With your help, we hope to go on celebrating birthdays and posting hundreds and hundreds.

19 March 2014

Life on a plantation

The students at IES Vicente Medina in Archena (Murcia) had created a wall with the title "Life on a plantation", while they were working the different types of slavery.
An excellent job done in 2nd ESO. Congratulations!

12 March 2014

Open Voices

At URJC, the students at the Master's Degree for the use of ICT and Digital Resources for Primary Bilingual Education, are approaching PBL for the first time. As explained in a former post in this same blog, they have been proposed some Challenge Based Starters to accomplish various e-projects.
They have three months to come up with a fine digital interactive web room where they can show some evidence of their learning and achievements to be shared with other worldwide peers.

One of those teams have decided to rise to the challenge of turning Primary kids into brave reporters, and now, after almost a month and a half searching for CC material and resources, compiling useful webmixes and diving into digital literacy and citizenship, they have opened up their e-project blog, where they will be adding interactive tasks, assignments and activities that may help Primary bilingual students become critical journalists.

Their e-project is called Open Voices and was launched onto the blogging planet on 10 March 2014, so it is scarcely two days old now, but a promising showcase of what a digital journal might become.

Good luck to @joserro_ge and the rest of the team. Stay tuned for their next episodes!

7 March 2014

Interactive book

From IES Jaime Gil de Viedma in Nava de la Asunción (Segovia), the English teacher show us an interesting tool to create an interactive book. She had been trying it in class with the students.
Thanks Inma! An excellent job!

"Didapages" is a very useful tool to create your own interactive book. You have to download it on your computer then you can design your book and finally you can upload  it into google sites and get an url to insert in your blog. 

My students of 4th of ESO have designed it to commemorate the International Women´s Day on 8th March
I´m sure you will like it. It was a really hard job!!!

Click on the picture and the book will open then read the texts about famous important English and American Women and drag your mouse on the answer to find out if you are right or wrong.