30 January 2014

American music

The students in 2nd ESO from IES Vicente Medina in Archena (Murcia) were working on American music as part of their project Crossing the pond with 2º ESO“. 
They had to find out information about the history of American music, and talk about this topic. Then, they prepared some songs and recorded them.

Thanks to Inmaculada López, the English teacher for proposing this motivating activity. She told us how their students enjoyed and learned a lot. 

For more informations and works you can visit this post with the title Archena rock!

28 January 2014

Digital slidebooks for students

Biteslide is a  tool where you can create classes and design awesome slidebooks with collaborative presentations.

After registering and logging in as a teacher, you can add classes, start a project and then create a slidebook within that project.

The free version is a bit limiting, but you are given the chance to invite other teachers and so get 5 extra students logins for free.

The tool has several styles to choose from, with their corresponding backgrounds, frames, labels and stickers which are organised in themes so as to match the needs of your project.

Then you gather the photos and videos to include in your slidebook, drag them in the order you would like the slides to appear, and you are ready to design.

Just let your students edit the slidebook adding extras and when it is finished, print it, download it. or embed it in your own digital place.

27 January 2014


Y6 San Gregorio 2013/14 have taking part in "Festival de Cortos de animación de terror"

You could find all the information about this task in my blog "MI PRIMER AÑO EN RED XXI" SCARY SHORT FILMS or in "Sección Bilingual San Gregorio Site" https://sites.google.com/site/sangregorioseccionbilinguee/english-y6-projects/scary-short-films

This is the presentation which pupils have followed in this task.

Below you could find all the scary short films which have been created by Y6 SG 2013/14

I hope you have enjoyed watching the short films.

24 January 2014

Famous people talking

The students at  CPR Los Castaños (Granada) have done an interesting activity "Proyecto Celebrities"
Alberto Molina, the English teacher tell it us:

1º He asked for their favorite people. The STUDENTS chosen a celebritie.
2º They were looking for information using internet. They had to write some sentences introducing their characters.
3ºThey took a photo and used the App Morpho with the Ipad.
4º The results were amazing. They made a talking 3D face.

You can read and see this project in this Blog.

22 January 2014

Christmas cards in CPR Los Castaños

Today, we share a work  made last month from CPR Los Castaños (Granada). 
The students were writing and drawing Christmas cards for exchanging with other pupils of different countries in eTwinning Project.

In this blog, they tell us the experience and you can read it.

20 January 2014

Likes and dislikes about my friend

From San Gregorio school in Aguilar de Campoo (Palencia) we share with everyone this experience in 2nd level Primary.
-Title: Likes and dislikes about my friend
-Teacher: Javier Ramos Sancha

Last week we finished our topic about FOOD, with students of Year 2. During this topic we learnt:

    • Food Groups: Vegetables, Dairy Products, Cereals, Fruit, Meat, Fish.

    • Food items: Carrot, Potatoes, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Milk, Cheese, Yougurt, Rice, Bread, Apple, Peach, Banana, Sausages, Steak, Chicken, Eggs,  Tuna, Salmon, Sardines. 

    • Do you like..........? Yes, I do / No, I don't
    • He / She likes................................
    • He / She doesn't like........................

As a final task of the topic I propose them to do a short interview to a classmate. The interview should have three or four questions about LIKES AND DISLIKES OF FOOD. 

With all the information they have to write a short composition about his or her partner.



Finally they have to talk about his or her partner in front of their classmate. Here you have what they did. 


Javier Ramos Sancha

17 January 2014

Working sports in English class

From Capileira (Granada),  this year our pupils in 3rd level Primary have been working a lesson about sports. We had done some interesting activities that we want to share everybody.

First, we were collecting vocabulary in the notebook, the most important and popular sports than they knew.
Later, everyone made pictures using "can" and "can't".

Sports by Slidely Slideshow

Then, they made a survey asking to their family, peers, friends,.. Here you can see all the results (with text and graphics) in this document.

We recorded audio also.

Finally, we worked in groups for showing a sport and do a presentation. In this moment, this work isn't ready to share. It'll be published soon.

I hope you like our works!

14 January 2014

Revise ESL vocabulary in your smartphone

If you are one of those notebooks lovers, you are bound to like Vocabulary Notebook, either choosing the free app for your smart mobile device or the web platform.

As a student, just download the free app available from both iTunes and Google Play, create an account and start. If you choose the free account, bear in mind that it is limited to 10 words. If you decide to pay a little sum, then you get unlimited words stored.

As a teacher you may find the full platform useful to set up a mobile vocabulary classroom, check your students' progress, suggest new words and get interactive statistics charts.
Just register at the Vocabulary Notebook site and place ESL words on the cloud.

10 January 2014

Read and learn on the go with Curriculet

If you think reading and learning should go hand in hand, Curriculet is going to be a nice discovery for you.

 It is a free digital reading platform accesible on any browser-enabled device, which means you can read and learn almost anywhere.

If you are a teacher, it is you who can actually turn your learners' reading experience into a learning one by embedding your own questions, quizzes, video explanations and other media straight into the book of your choice, which makes it a very good way to give students the chance to practise reading comprehension skills and to get real time feedback of their progress.

And, as the range of available books is so wide at the platform, one can find suitable books for a variety of subjects taught in a second language, such as History, Science or Maths, to name but a few.

To start being part of an enrichening reading experience, one just has to sign up and enroll as a teacher or as a student; if you have a Google account, you can link it to your Curriculet profile and it will turn the enrollment easier.
Once inside, you can start filling your library shelves with books or add your own content and, either way, one is ready to set up classes and groups as well as to give assignments.

It includes a Teacher and a Student User Guide, a demo for both students and teachers to view and, at the moment, it has launched a growing pilot program that gives access to a wider selection of books.

7 January 2014

La Zafra Virtual Zoo

That is the name of our latest Project. Students of ESO1 at IES “La Zafra” have been looking for information, writing drafts, choosing pictures… for the last few weeks, in order to make a report about their favourite animal. We have done most of the work on the classroom wiki but the workspaces there (proyectos)  are password protected and you cannot see them ☹ So, we have copied our texts on THIS PADLET so you can have a look and learn about dolphins, dogs, parrots, caimans or even about the strange “Pangolin” :-)
Most of the works shown here have not been fully revised after the teacher’s correction and suggestions, so you can find some mistakes. As we willl keep improving them, please, feel free to send coments with your suggestions about spelling, gramar or vocabulary mistakes that you might find and we will try to correct them as son as we can.
Thanks very much for your attention and enjoy the visit to La Zafra Zoo ☺