28 January 2014

Digital slidebooks for students

Biteslide is a  tool where you can create classes and design awesome slidebooks with collaborative presentations.

After registering and logging in as a teacher, you can add classes, start a project and then create a slidebook within that project.

The free version is a bit limiting, but you are given the chance to invite other teachers and so get 5 extra students logins for free.

The tool has several styles to choose from, with their corresponding backgrounds, frames, labels and stickers which are organised in themes so as to match the needs of your project.

Then you gather the photos and videos to include in your slidebook, drag them in the order you would like the slides to appear, and you are ready to design.

Just let your students edit the slidebook adding extras and when it is finished, print it, download it. or embed it in your own digital place.

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