30 April 2013

Bilingual Kamishibai

From a small village, Busquistar (Granada), the students of 4th and 6th grade, have been  preparing a kamishibai to celebrate Book Day.
They wrote the stories, translated the texts into English and drew all the pictures.
Finally, the played the bilingual kamishibai.

You can see it  in this video. I hope you like it!

29 April 2013

Hake with mariniere sauce

Yolanda, a B2 ESL learner at EOI Luarca, is cooking for us today.

Serves: 2


- Fresh hake
-6 prawns
-250 g clams
-2 medium onions
-1/2  pepper
-1 small tomato
-1 l water
-olive oil
-1 dessertspoon flour
-1 dessertspoon paprika

First of all you have to cut the hake in medium slices keeping back the head.
Now, we are going to prepare the broth so, pour the water in a saucepan and heat it until  it is boiling, then add the head, the prawns and the clams and boil them 10 minutes more or less and of course season with salt. Finally, keep back the prawns and the clams.
Meanwhile season the hake slices on both sides.

Let´s prepare the sauce!
Heat enough olive oil just to cover the bottom of a saucepan.  When it´s ready add the chopped onions together with the pepper and the tomato cut in small cubes and fry them until tender, then add the flour and the paprika and stir them. Pour a little broth and let them boil 10 minutes and finally blend them.

This should be done just at the moment of eating. 
Heat the sauce in a clay pan, then add the hake and cook on low heat for five minutes on one side, then  turn over the slices and decorate with the clams, the prawns and the parsley and cook another five minutes more.

Ready to eat!!!

28 April 2013

Can I help U?

Apart from learning English, taking math tests and all those funny things we do at school, is there anything you are good at and nobody has ever asked you about it??
4ESO students at IES "La Zafra" were given the opportunity to tell us their 'non-curricular' abilities and here is what they came up with:
-Marta J. makes a chocolate cake for us

-Marta E. tells us what to do to if you have long hair and want to 'decorate' it.

- Antonio S. teaches us how to optimize our PC for better performance.

Find many other interesting 'lessons' as well as the context in which these tasks were done, visiting our CLASSROOM BLOG

26 April 2013

Colour idioms

How many colours do you know?
And how many idioms can you associate with colours?

Answer the questionnaire below and find out!

25 April 2013

Clothes Vocabulary

The 3rd year students at Capileira (Granada) made the clothes vocabulary using the easy web 2.0 tool  Quizlet.
Here you can review this vocabulary.
Don't forget turn on the sound in the left corner.

24 April 2013

Incredible facts in the world

Working the superlative in 6th year at Capileira school in Granada, the students have been looking for amazing facts. They tell it us with these presentations using web 2.0 tool Photopeach.

Incredible facts in the world (Marina) on PhotoPeach

also you can see these works:

I hope you like it!

23 April 2013

Famous Characters in history

The 6th year students at Capileira have been researching some famous people in history. Finally they have made the work in a digital book using Mixbook. Here you can read it. Enjoy it!


Mixbook - Create Beautiful Photo Books and Scrapbooks! | Start your own Photo Books | Create custom Christmas Cards

22 April 2013

A Wall of Books

23 April is World Book and Copyright Day

You are invited to take part in this activity to celebrate the day. This is a 'literary' wall. The pins will be used to build a wall of books for display and used to promote reading. On the wall please pin your favourite book and why you like it. You could pin any book or title, a favourite from childhood, a current book or something you’ve read and enjoyed. 
The pins can be embedded in your school's or classroom blogs, sites, wikis ...

19 April 2013

A Trip to Scotland

Don't know where to travel this summer?
Why not heading north and visit Scotland?
4ESOB students at IES "La Zafra" in Motril have organised up to eight different tours to The country of tartan, haggis and whisky.
You can see them HERE but  before you're allowed to board, you´ll have to prove you are a Scotland expert by taking the following Scotland Quizz:
Good luck, and enjoy the trip!

18 April 2013

A history questionnaire

The students at Capileira (5th and 6th year) had made this questionnarie with some interesting questions using the time past. Here, you can test your knowledge.


17 April 2013

Drivers should be charged for using motorways and roads linking major towns and cities

People use motorways and roads to travel to another city for commuting, for paperwork, to go to the doctor or just for fun.

Vehicle owners have increased dramatically over recent decades, and consequently traffic congestion has become a problem for many cities. In order to solve this issue the government believes that drivers should be charged for using motorways and roads linking major towns and cities. Although some people argue that this fee has negative effects on drivers, in my view it would be effective to reduce traffic congestion.

Safety and maintenance of motorways and roads are the main reasons that the government uphold. Nevertheless, there are those who say that it is the government's job and they are not prepared to pay extra money.

Pollution is another negative effect of traffic. For instance, many people argue that the government should be aware of this problem and not look away. This may have been true in the past, but nowadays paying to use motorways and roads would reduce the number of vehicles and possibly encourage other means of transport and so, contribute to reduce pollution.
To sum up, I believe that this charge would be beneficial to diminish traffic congestion and drivers would feel happier if they were paying for an effective traffic and pollution policy.

Photo from www.ft.com

16 April 2013

A crime in the neighbourhood

Rosa, a B2 ESL learner at EOI Luarca, has just read this novel by Suzanne Berne and she would like to recommend it to all of us.
Listen to her podcast and find out why she has enjoyed the book so much!

15 April 2013

Crossword: Adjectives

Find out the adjectives in this crossword. 
This work was made by students 5th year at Pampaneira in CPR Barranco de Poqueira (Granada).

Try it and good luck

adjetives II

12 April 2013

Looking for a new pet?

Why not find an unsual one?
Students of ESO1B at IES La Zafra in Motril have just opened an information desk to offer plenty of details about animals like scorpions, bats, snakes and even a flying lizard or a blue whale. So,
Don't buy a pet without surfing our web!!
Click on the pictures to read a science report about the featured animals.

In order to access the private Project Pages, you have to be a member of our wiki. If you are not yet, you can use this complimentary pass:
Para poder acceder a las páginas de los proyectos tienes que ser miembro de nuestra wiki. Si aun no lo eres, puedes entrar como invitado/a con los datos siguientes:  
USER: pasesinllamar 
PASSWORD: lazafrainvita 

Spanish Pond Turtle by María . G. 
Flying Fox by Paula C. 

Green Basilisk by Ángel G. 

... and up to 23 more animal reports in OUR WIKI.
Visit us. 
Comments Welcome!!

9 April 2013


Listen to Juanjo Alonso, @juanatt, who gives his viewpoints on euthanasia and talks about how this issue was dealt with in the film called The Sea Inside.

Picture from Wikipedia

8 April 2013

How to combat stress

Listen to Montserrat Menéndez, @MfMonse, who gives us some tips to try and combat stress.

6 April 2013

Gaming's Impacts

 A report by Vicky García, a C1 ESL learner at EOI Luarca.

  It is difficult to believe that a child could have a new toy lorry in his hands and not know how to play with it because he had never seen one before. But that is something we will find if we think that our kids, the up and coming generation, might grow up playing without real toys. Most of our children have what they need to survive, but less and less they are not used to the beautiful multi-coloured toys. So, when they get a ball, a doll or a truck, they don’t know how to react.

Of course, our world is changing and it is important to realize that what grows, what is evolving exponentially thanks to the ICT, is the diversity and size of what we can consider new games: video games, net games or even interactive games. The modern world and the technology are giving new directions, and our kids simply adapt their form of gaming or learning.

Furthermore, it is true to say that young people spend more time in front of the computer, but it would not seem that the Internet fosters antisocial behavior. Quite the opposite is true, in fact. Studies would seem to indicate that disproportionate addictions to games or the abusive use of social networks are usually used to replace the satisfactions and relationship possibilities that real life should provide.

Finally, as an environment particularly conducive to the development of creativity, the video games can help resolve certain shortcomings in modern education curricula.

In conclusion, having fun on the interactive games is essential for young people: the important thing is to understand how our world provides new opportunities for learning, work and success.

5 April 2013

From Motril to Pluto... and beyond!!

Students of 1ESO B at IES "La Zafra" have been working on a project about our solar system. We have listened to the 'Solar System Song", researched interesting details as the size, shape, moons, etc of the different planets; the 'inner' and the 'outer' ones, the gas giants, we've found how much you would weight or how old you would be in that planet... and finally, we've made posters to show some of our findings. Here is a sample of those posters but you can find many more in OUR WIKI.

(Pluto, by Ángel G.)

(Saturn, by Ismael Q.)

4 April 2013

Times Square

Ana, a C1 ESL learner at EOI Luarca, tells us about her adventure in Times Square.

Listen to her mini story in the crossroads of the world.

Picture from Broadway.com

3 April 2013

Wordsearch Puzzle: Parts of the body

From Capileira (Granada), Angel and Amaro in 3rd Primary has made this wordsearch for reviewing the parts of the body.
Enjoy it!

The body

2 April 2013

1 April 2013

The big football match

Our 6th grade students wrote this story in CPR Barranco de Poqueira (Granada) last year. It was written in collaboration between the three villages (Capileira, Bubión and Pampaneira).
It's about a football match. I hope you like it!