5 April 2013

From Motril to Pluto... and beyond!!

Students of 1ESO B at IES "La Zafra" have been working on a project about our solar system. We have listened to the 'Solar System Song", researched interesting details as the size, shape, moons, etc of the different planets; the 'inner' and the 'outer' ones, the gas giants, we've found how much you would weight or how old you would be in that planet... and finally, we've made posters to show some of our findings. Here is a sample of those posters but you can find many more in OUR WIKI.

(Pluto, by Ángel G.)

(Saturn, by Ismael Q.)


  1. Thanks a bunch for these lovely glogs!

  2. Hello,
    My name is Ismael, and I study at La Zafra,
    We study english, and is a lenguage very insteresting.
    We working with glogster, muraly and enchantedlearning.
    The second work this post, its create by me jijijiji $:
    I like study at la zafra, because is very fun.

    Goodbye, Ismael Quirantes :-)

  3. Hello,my name is Alba Maria and study at La Zafra.
    I like de second poster, is the most beatifoul.
    Bye Bye (:

  4. Hello,
    My name is Ángel and I study in "La Zafra" of Motril, Granada.
    This works are very insteresting, although some have almost no text.

    Bye bye, Ángel García.

  5. Hello, my name is juan carlos, and i estudy in La Zafra.
    The poster is very very intereting because it has a lot

  6. Hi , I like astronomy since I was a child. For this motive I couldn't avoid looking at this post.I think that you did a good work , it's very interesting to learn astronomy and having fun at the same time.