9 April 2013


Listen to Juanjo Alonso, @juanatt, who gives his viewpoints on euthanasia and talks about how this issue was dealt with in the film called The Sea Inside.

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  1. Great job, Juanjo, thanks a lot!

  2. Hi Juanjo I am seeing posts and I couldn't avoid arrest my atention in this post , The Euthanasia , a concept which it's possible speak so much. And of course I think that you did.
    Because it's possible and very easy speak about the euthanasia but it isn't easy put as many examples that you posted. This is an example of how you can learn in 5 minutes. I congratulate you.

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  4. Hello Juanjo!
    In 5 minutes, I have learned about this taboo topic that we have in our close environment. I think that the euthanasia is a decission not an obligation.
    Thank you for the examples, I have listened about the film "Mar Adentro" but I have never seen it, so now I have something to do this weekend!
    Congratulations for your work!

  5. How’s it going Juanjo? I just heard you talking about euthanasia, I always thought it was an interesting point to discuss, because who decides if we want to live or to die, or if anyone wants to live or to die. In that points I always put myself in both sides.
    Victim side-> People in coma for example can't decide or can't tell us if they want to live or to die, then the responsibility fall on us, maybe they want to live or maybe they will recuperate from coma
    Victimizer side-> These people have a big dilemma because they want to maintain his family on life but they have to think about his suffering, until the victim is alive, his family will live with the hope that he will recuperate
    So I think you could focus more on that information an less in the countries where it legal/illegal or in the film called "Mar adentro" it's only my opinion but anyways great job, you have to be very brave to recite 5 minutes