22 April 2013

A Wall of Books

23 April is World Book and Copyright Day

You are invited to take part in this activity to celebrate the day. This is a 'literary' wall. The pins will be used to build a wall of books for display and used to promote reading. On the wall please pin your favourite book and why you like it. You could pin any book or title, a favourite from childhood, a current book or something you’ve read and enjoyed. 
The pins can be embedded in your school's or classroom blogs, sites, wikis ...


  1. I think this activity is very interesting because reading for me is an easy way to learn more vocabulary and to travel to other worlds.
    There are many beautiful books but I prefer fantasy books because I'm very tired of the real life.With them, I can dream with unknown people and places.
    My favorite book is "Memories of Idhún"

    1. Thanks a bunch, Nerea, for visiting the wall and this blog!