17 April 2013

Drivers should be charged for using motorways and roads linking major towns and cities

People use motorways and roads to travel to another city for commuting, for paperwork, to go to the doctor or just for fun.

Vehicle owners have increased dramatically over recent decades, and consequently traffic congestion has become a problem for many cities. In order to solve this issue the government believes that drivers should be charged for using motorways and roads linking major towns and cities. Although some people argue that this fee has negative effects on drivers, in my view it would be effective to reduce traffic congestion.

Safety and maintenance of motorways and roads are the main reasons that the government uphold. Nevertheless, there are those who say that it is the government's job and they are not prepared to pay extra money.

Pollution is another negative effect of traffic. For instance, many people argue that the government should be aware of this problem and not look away. This may have been true in the past, but nowadays paying to use motorways and roads would reduce the number of vehicles and possibly encourage other means of transport and so, contribute to reduce pollution.
To sum up, I believe that this charge would be beneficial to diminish traffic congestion and drivers would feel happier if they were paying for an effective traffic and pollution policy.

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