7 January 2014

La Zafra Virtual Zoo

That is the name of our latest Project. Students of ESO1 at IES “La Zafra” have been looking for information, writing drafts, choosing pictures… for the last few weeks, in order to make a report about their favourite animal. We have done most of the work on the classroom wiki but the workspaces there (proyectos)  are password protected and you cannot see them ☹ So, we have copied our texts on THIS PADLET so you can have a look and learn about dolphins, dogs, parrots, caimans or even about the strange “Pangolin” :-)
Most of the works shown here have not been fully revised after the teacher’s correction and suggestions, so you can find some mistakes. As we willl keep improving them, please, feel free to send coments with your suggestions about spelling, gramar or vocabulary mistakes that you might find and we will try to correct them as son as we can.
Thanks very much for your attention and enjoy the visit to La Zafra Zoo ☺

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  1. A very interesting blog. Congratulations to the pupils and the teachers involved in it. (J.Ruperez)