10 January 2014

Read and learn on the go with Curriculet

If you think reading and learning should go hand in hand, Curriculet is going to be a nice discovery for you.

 It is a free digital reading platform accesible on any browser-enabled device, which means you can read and learn almost anywhere.

If you are a teacher, it is you who can actually turn your learners' reading experience into a learning one by embedding your own questions, quizzes, video explanations and other media straight into the book of your choice, which makes it a very good way to give students the chance to practise reading comprehension skills and to get real time feedback of their progress.

And, as the range of available books is so wide at the platform, one can find suitable books for a variety of subjects taught in a second language, such as History, Science or Maths, to name but a few.

To start being part of an enrichening reading experience, one just has to sign up and enroll as a teacher or as a student; if you have a Google account, you can link it to your Curriculet profile and it will turn the enrollment easier.
Once inside, you can start filling your library shelves with books or add your own content and, either way, one is ready to set up classes and groups as well as to give assignments.

It includes a Teacher and a Student User Guide, a demo for both students and teachers to view and, at the moment, it has launched a growing pilot program that gives access to a wider selection of books.

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