12 March 2014

Open Voices

At URJC, the students at the Master's Degree for the use of ICT and Digital Resources for Primary Bilingual Education, are approaching PBL for the first time. As explained in a former post in this same blog, they have been proposed some Challenge Based Starters to accomplish various e-projects.
They have three months to come up with a fine digital interactive web room where they can show some evidence of their learning and achievements to be shared with other worldwide peers.

One of those teams have decided to rise to the challenge of turning Primary kids into brave reporters, and now, after almost a month and a half searching for CC material and resources, compiling useful webmixes and diving into digital literacy and citizenship, they have opened up their e-project blog, where they will be adding interactive tasks, assignments and activities that may help Primary bilingual students become critical journalists.

Their e-project is called Open Voices and was launched onto the blogging planet on 10 March 2014, so it is scarcely two days old now, but a promising showcase of what a digital journal might become.

Good luck to @joserro_ge and the rest of the team. Stay tuned for their next episodes!

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