1 April 2014

About Platero and I - El Greco

A team of three of my students at URJC are working on the #quenipintado e-Project at the Master's Degree they are doing until the end of April, in order to commemorate these two special dates to be celebrated in Spain in 2014.
In order to show all their e-proposals they have designed a nice Wix: Enjoy Learning: Art and Music.

As part of their e-project activities, they are connecting with Primary CLIL students nationwide through online questions, quizzes and so forth.

The first set of questions consists of an animated avatar that asks two very simple questions that any Primary CLIL can answer, with the aim of gathering information about kids' prior knowledge regarding El Greco and Platero. Just click on the image below and meet the avatar:

The first bunch of students to come forward and answer the first set come from Capileira, Granada. They have compiled a whole Pinterest board with their animated answers, also in the format of avatars.
Don't miss the chance to follow them and listen to their wonderful answers!

Thanks ever so much, @capileiratic, for your students' contribution to this e-project, and your hard work! Congrats, it's awesome, we really appreaciate it!

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