5 June 2014

We talk freedom

We talk freedom at school because we believe education is one of the best ways to fight against different types of slavery. We would like to take the opportunity to show our rejection towards the kidnapping of the girls in Nigeria.

These are the students’ oral presentations of their work on different types of slavery:

THE SALE OF CHILDREN by Elvira, Tania, Marina, Elena and Ángela Solana (2º ESO B):

HUMAN TRAFFIC AND SEXUAL EXPLOITATION by Marta, Vero, Berta, Rocío, Ángela Martínez and Mª Isabel (2º ESO B):

FORCED MARRIAGES by Silvia, Celia, Mª José Bermúdez, Mª José Buendía and Raquel (2º ESO B):

CHILDREN AT WAR by Miguel, Gabriel, Pablo Villegas and Pedro Gabarrón (2º ESO B):

CHILD SOLDIERS by Antonio, José Ramón, Fran, Ricardo and Iván (2º ESO B):

HUMAN TRAFFIC AND SEXUAL EXPLOITATION by Clemente, Pedro Ayala, José Juan, Pablo Fernández and Carlos (2º ESO B):

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