22 January 2015

Join The International Writing Exchange EVO 15

The International Writing Exchange is a collaborative writing project for EFL teachers and their students.

The goal of IWE is for students to learn about other cultures and improve their writing using Moodle.

Target audience:
EFL teachers who teach English for academic or special purposes.  
Learning Environments:
  • Moodle course area where the International Writing Exchange will take place with the teachers and their students. Moodle is a password-protected area where teachers and students can work privately.
  • WizIQ course area for the content and live online events for public viewing.
Session objectives:
By the end of the session (5 weeks), participants will have:
  • discussed diversity and culture in the EFL class
  • planned, implemented and evaluated writing activities using rubrics
  • created a unit for an IWE class on Moodle
  • used technology tools to showcase their unit
  • reflected on the session activities and IWE 
This session is part of the Electronic Village Online 2015 (EVO15).

Do not miss this opportunity to connect with other ESL teachers and their students worldwide and join!

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