19 February 2015

Join #twima2

After the success of The World is My Audience in 2014, we are ready to jump into The World is My Audience 2 - Dreams around the world.

#twima, The World Is My Audience, was a first attempt at gathering the world's classrooms for a collaborative poetry project.  It was a huge success, not in numbers of downloads (yet), but in the impact it had on teachers and students making connections with classrooms worldwide.

#twima2 is the follow-up project.  Again, the goal is to collaborate with the world's classrooms on a writing project.

So, fill in the application form, and get ready to dream and connect with the world!


Follow the project site: www.thetwimaproject.weebly.com. 
Like its Facebook page: facebook.com/twima
Stay tuned at Twitter: #twima2

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