9 April 2015

Saint Patrick's Day

Today, we share Saint Patrick's Day celebration from IES Jaime Gil de Biedma in Nava de la Asunción (Segovia). 

Thanks to Inmaculada Cuéllar, the English teacher and Sara García Pardo that tells us in this post. 

Last Tuesday, we celebrated Saint Patrick’s Day during the break time. It is a festivity that takes place on 17th March in Ireland to commemorate the death of Saint Patrick, but each year it is celebrated in more cities around the world.

It took place in the “Salon de Actos” which was decorated with shamrocks, balloons and main symbols of the country as the harp, the Celtic cross and the Claddagh, the pot of gold that appears at the end of the rainbow and the Irish flag.
Moreover, the students of 1st and 2nd course of ESO could send drinks and food. Teachers and students could buy drinks as orange juice, kiwi juice, milk and tea which represent the Irish culture and their colours; and food as biscuits with the colours of Irish flag (green, orange and white), green and orange cupcakes, Guinness cake, Sponge with snakes, chocolate coins and bars.
The students collaborated doing a presentation of the story of Saint Patrick’s Day and of a legend called “the farmer and the leprechaun”. They also gave shamrocks as presents to wish good luck, and we have the opportunity of enjoying with the company of an authentic leprechaun.
It was short but complete break time.

By Sara García Pardo.

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