11 May 2015

Music is fun!

Music is fun! is the CLIL e-publication for Primary bilingual learners by @koralinda27.

Coral Mg is a pre-service teacher who has just designed her first open educational digital publication as part of her Master's Degree Module on The Use of ICT and Web Resources for Primary Bilingual Education at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid.

She has been working hard for 3 months in order to be able to come up with this digital resource, which I am sure will be inspirational for any CLIL Primary teacher and learner interested in Music and English.

If you surf around her e-publication you are bound to find engaging missions aimed at 3rd graders to be collaboratively challenged into learning by doing while having fun. Just check this awesome video challenge where learners meet the notes with Mozart that @koralinda27 has designed in cooperation with her peer pre-service teacher @utopicmarta and have a glimpse at what Music is fun! has to offer:

And if you are more into audio challenges, the e-publication also includes a podcasting channel where CLIL learners are introduced into speaking and listening skills in an easy straight forward way that will lead them to grab awards and have their findings gamified:

But Coral has gone a long way in order to be able to publish this digital CLIL OER. From a drafted mindmap, crossing evaluation of visual principles, diving into licences, citing, attributing and connecting with other educators worldwide, up to attending online sessions and co-presenting, while designing CLIL artifacts and rising up to collaboration, and so forth.

But why reading this post when you can actually listen to Coral herself narrating her own learning through ICT? There you go her reflections on this three-month cruise around CLIL and ICT:

Congratulations, Coral, for such a nice e-publication!

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