13 May 2014

Nice tips to conduct interviews with your students

Today we are back to Open Voices, a nice project developed at URJC we have already mentioned several times in this blog, aimed at providing tips and ideas to try and use mass media in Primary CLIL lessons.

At The ESL Times, we have been tracking their steps from the very beginning, when they were just crafting the overview of the project, enthusiastically introducing the project trailer and their expectations about it as well as sharing their first tip.

Some days ago the Open Voices team came up with a new activity to put into practice in CLIL or ESL lessons, with young learners. They have recorded a nice video clip and are providing students with neatly explained steps when conducting an interview.

Watch the video below and take good note of their tutorial; we think it may well become valuable support material if you would like your students to understand what an interview is and how it should be conducted, at the same time as they have fun, of course!

The Open Voices team would love to hear from you and read your comments if you ever use this material in class.

Thanks for your attention!

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