8 May 2014

Writing stories

Everything started when a group of students of the URJC University with their teacher (@mjgsm) proposed to us the idea of taking part on their project ICT for Reading and Writing. We are the Year 2B students from Colegio San Gregorio. They wrote everything in this blog:

At the begining we started reading and listening to one of the stories written by the students of the course #ictclil_URJC. The title was THE NAUGHTY MOON. My students really enjoyed it.

After this we decided to create a mind map using a couple of thinking routines: GENERATE - SORT - CONNECT - ELABORATE. and THINK - PAIR - SHARE. In the mind map students try to think about what parts of the story are important. This was the final result. 

So we started to create the main characters of their stories. They had to create a picture and a description. Here you have what they did.

Next day we were reading and listening to another proposal by the #ictclil_URJC students. This time the story was: THE PENGUIN WHO FELT COLD A LOT. They liked it a bit more than the previous one because this was easier for them and also there were pictures to focus their attention.

With this story we started to work on a GRAPHIC ORGANIZER about the three parts of the story. First we analized THE PENGUIN WHO FELT COLD A LOT

By the end of this activity they were ready to create their own Graphic Organizer about what is going to happen in their own story. Here you have an example about what they did.

So now everything was ready to write their stories and created a book of stories written by them. Here you can read and listen what they did. 

THE DOG by Diego and Daira.

THE BAT AND THE BOY by Héctor, Francisco and Bogdan

THE CASTLE FELL DOWN by Gadea, Alfredo and Gabriel

THE PRINCESS by Andrea and Mario

THE PENGUIN by Carla and Ángela.

THE DOG AND THE BOY by Alba and Edgar. 

THE MICE by Jaime, Lucía and Violeta. 

THE TURTLE SUMY by Paula, Javier and Nacho.

With all the stories we have created a book to leave at the classroom library to read along this school year and leave for the next students of this classroom. Here it is:

Every student has done these stories also in a separate worksheet again to set the into their own portfolios. We have sticked on them the QR-codes so they will have their posdcast also in their folders. 

We want to give a very big THANK YOU to the students of  #ictclil_URJC for bringing us this big learning opportunity. It was an amazing e-learning connection. 

Read the #ictclil_urjc stories at ICT reading and writing promotion.

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