19 February 2016

English class ICT

From IES Mediterráneo in Salobreña (Granada), José Alberto Romero, the English teacher tell us how he is using new technologies in the classroom and students are transforming learning. 

A great job. Thanks for sharing!

I would like to share with you an experience I started at our school last year. It is a kind of Digital Project, which may well lead to a kind of ‘digital portfolio’ as the students create their own sites and blogs.

In these sites and blogs they not only post their projects or compositions in English, but also what they do in other subjects. The output is really incredible in some of the students and they get used to dealing with ITC tools, which would be so useful for them in the future.

As you may have seen in my site (DIGITAL PROJECT), I have created a Symbaloo with some programmes and ITC tools they may need and I have given them some hints to create and improve their sites and blogs. As well, you’ve got links to all the blogs and sites created by my students, but I would strongly recommend you to visit these ones, which are in my opinion really the most worthwhile having a look:

Nerea Bautista (2º ESO), who created her blog a couple of weeks ago. She would be at an initial stage.
María Béjar (4º ESO), who created her blog and site a few months ago.
Joaquín García (4º ESO), who created his blog and site last year.
Mª José García (4º ESO), who created her site and her blog last year.
Alberto Romero, this former 2º bachillerato student created a site , a blog in English and even a blog in French, as he was also a student at the Official Language School in Motril. He is now at university he continues making posts and improving and updating all of them.
And Clara Prados, this former 2º bachillerato student created a site and a blog last year and now also at university. As well, she continues making posts and improving and updating both of them.

I will end up giving a final hint to assess and keep track of all the improvements and posts made by the students: I inserted in my blog a gadget with MY FAVOURITE BLOGS so that I can see any changes they make (it is on the menu on the right-hand side of the blog at the bottom).

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