29 February 2016

MUMO By Alan Rojo & Year 6B

This post has been adapted to English from MUMO por Alan Rojo y 6ºB . Congratulations to the student!
My name is Alan Rojo. I am a pupil from Year 6B at San Gregorio School. We learnt a bit about the MUMO museum two weeks ago. 

In MUMO project we have learnt about different things about Art, different people who has done works of art at the MUMO museum.
MUMO means movable museum.
MUMO has travelled around the world.

MUMO museum is very interesting to children and adults. It is funny because they need to use the imagination. 
Also it is very interesting to look at children creating animals with organic things such as: egg cartons, bags of plastic, branches, leaves, stones, etc.
We learnt everything thanks to Cristian and Jara.
You can find more information in this article at Diario Palentino Newspaper "MuMo" acerca a los escolares al arte contemporáneo 

After that we created a mindmap (#visualthinking #dibújamelas) about MUMO museum.
We answered these four questions:
  • What is MUMO?
  • What have I learnt?
  • What is my opinion about it?
  • How have I learnt?
Below you can discover them:


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