22 June 2016

Braveheart Project

Today we publish a great work project in class from IES Mediterraneo in Salobreña (Granada). Alberto Romero, the English teacher, tell us.

During the second term my students in 4º ESO had to read Braveheart (Penguin readers). Apart from reading it, we discussed about these topics: William Wallace and Scotland. Here are some of the projects done by the students (here's the link to my site, where it is: https://sites.google.com/site/albertomeditutor/graded-readers/4o-eso-projects ). I hope you'll like them. 

Visit these links: 
  • Project on Braveheart by Mª José García (4º ESO A):   Click to her blog entry    
  • Project on Braveheart by María Béjar (4º ESO A):   Click to  her blog entry   
  • Project on Braveheart by Alex España (4º ESO B): link to his site  
  • Project on Braveheart by Irene Ramón (4º ESO A): link to her blog entry  

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