15 June 2016

eTwinning project: Reading Together at Aguilar de Campoo

This year at Colegio San Gregorio we had a eTwinning project with the students of Year 5, the English teachers consider very important this kind of proyects with our students because we think it is when they really try to use real English. 

Along the different task of the project the kids will need to use the vocabulary, the grammar, the common expression we taught them in the bilingual lessons. They need to communicate with other people using a foreing language, in this case the English. Also through eTwinning teachers and students can learn new cultural topics or teaching improvements. 

In the project our school, Colegio San Gregorio from Aguilar de Campoo (Spain), worked with Holy Trinity School from Guildford (England). The title of the project was "Reading Together" and the topic of it was developing the reading and writing skills of our students. In the following website you could check all the activities we have done along the school year. 

There were different kind of task, but this year we have include all of them into our National Curriculum using the Standards to develop the different kind of task. We tried to have one task per each month, always using the grammar and vocabulary which was learnt along the units during the English lessons.

All of them were published into the website of the project, here there will show a summary with the final products of each task.

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