15 May 2013

Developing English with plays

Every year at school we prepare some plays during the English lessons with our native speaker teacher. She teaches our students of Year 2 an Year 6 once a week and we use this time to rehearse the play.

As a bilingual school we teach Arts & Crafts and Science through English so we use time of these subjects to prepare the play. We use Arts & Crafts for Scenography and Science to deal with the topic of the play. Our native speaker teacher usually writes the scripts.

Using Theatre is your lessons you will:

     Reinforce the academic task of reading and Literature.
     Help the students to socialize, mainly the ones with communicative difficulties.
     Improve students' attention.
     Promote the thought of our kids.
     Transmit values.
     Encourage the use of pupils' senses.
     Stimulate creativity and imagination.
     Increase students' self-confidence.
     Help our kids to play with their fantasy.

This year we have created two new plays with Year 2 and two more with Year 6. I am presenting to you two of the four.

Year 2B performed the play: THE LION AND THE RABBIT. A play about a group of animals in the jungle who are afraid of the Lion and want to solve that problem. Nobody wants to talk with the lion, so a group of three little brave rabbits solve the problem. So not only are we performing the play but we also talked and learnt about animals at the Science lesson. Here you are the final performance: 

YEAR 6A performed the play: CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS. A play about the history of the Great Traveller Christopher Columbus. From the moment he asked for money to the Catholic Monarchs to when they arrived in the New World, America.  Students also prepared the scenography and we could deal with this topic in Science. It was also great because we could show a part of the history of Spain to our Comenius Partners from the project: Travel broadens themind. Let’s travel together!  Here you are the final performance. 

I hope you have enjoyed both!

Javier Ramos Sancha

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