24 May 2013

Playing to be wikipedia editors

Elvira, a student of 4ESOB at IES "La Zafra" invites us to take part in the Project they are currently doing in their English classes:

This term, my class is editing  Motril's Wikipedia article as part of a class project.
We are improving the older entry by looking for information about several topics, the ones we consider the most relevant about our town and this way, getting to know a bit more about it too. We're also trying to spread the word of this project on the net and get some help from our readers.
We have already got a lot of information and we've searched the web in order to get references. We've also learnt how to edit a Wikipedia article and have practiced editing in the sandbox.
Now, we're asking for help on the net: if you want to help us, you can visit the page and edit it by yourself, or  maybe you prefer contacting us via twitter. If you choose editing by yourself, you just have to sign up on Wikipedia and once you reach our page, click on the tab 'edit'.
You can play with us to be a Wikipedia editor. Are you gonna miss this opportunity??
                                                       Elvira Jiménez. May, 23, 2013   

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  1. I'm from Motril. It's a great job for everybody.