13 May 2013

Project: The Dreaming Corner (Literacy Development)

This is a new project we began this school year. In this project are implied the Spanish and English teachers of the school. And also the students of Year 1 and Year 2, and the Year 5 and Year 6 ones.

The main aims of this project are:
       Awaken interest  on reading.
       To Discover reading time as a time of enjoyment.
       To establish personal relationships among primary school students.

In this video you can watch a brief summary about what this project is:

Since the beginning we have linked the groups of Year 1 with the groups of Year 5, and the groups of Year 2 with the groups of Year 6. So each student of Year 6 and Year 5 has a “friend / partner” from the other school groups.

Every week they have one lesson in which the oldest students go and read with the youngest one. One week they do it in Spanish and the other week they will do it in English.

Before that lesson the oldest students have to prepare the “Reading moment”:
       They have to read the book previously.
       They have to look for the vocabulary.
They have to prepare some Reading Comprehension Activities to do in the reading journal.

You can look for all the information about the Project in the following website.

Contact me for further information
Javier Ramos Sancha

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