17 September 2013

Follow me!

Have you got a twitter account?
Not yet? Well, it's about time to open one, isn't it?
And if you already belong to the blue bird tribe, or even if you're a twitter addict, are you sure you're taking the most out of your timeline?
For example, do you use twitter to improve your English? Let us give you some advice on that topic, and most of all, leave the door open to know other people's opinions and choices in order to make our own  "bank of twitstars" :-)
To begin with, obviously, you can follow us, that is, @theesltimes and, if you want, the teachers who hide behind this project, @capileiratic, @Anna_Soroya, @mjgsm, @julisanzmamolar, @teacherojeda
Here are some more teachers, students, organizations... which, in my opinion, are worth to follow, but perhaps the most interesting part of this post is still to come and it is the possibility of including, by means of a comment, your own choice, the suggestions of your "Musts"
Do not hesitate in writing comments with your favourite followees. We will share anf follow them too.
Here the list to start with:


We look forward to reading your comments!!


  1. It's a great and a very complete list ;) Thanks for sharing it. I'm following all of them now ;)

  2. Thanks, Daniela, for your fedback . Now, we are following you too :-)