18 September 2013

Talk like a Pirate Day

Maybe, this doesn't say much to anybody in a non-British context, but it can be a good opportunity for English teachers of any level to try and play pirates with their students as they learn  new vocabulary and expressions, listen, talk, write... Let's have a look at some of these possibilities: 
- The official TLAP site (http://www.talklikeapirate.com/) has lots of activities like a pirate's personality test or a Pirate's Name Generator, but as it is designed for native speakers, it  might be difficult or not very suitable for beginners. 
- The Pirates Theme Page of Enchanted Learning on the other hand, has plenty of crafts, activities, word puzzles, etc. designed for the young ones; and although membership (some 17€/year) is required to download and print the original worksheets, you can surf and find ideas to adapt yourself to your specific needs. 
- There's also a Facebook Page for the event and a TLAP Wiki with easy tips to celebrate a funny TLAP Day (don't miss the video about how to change normal words and expressions  into 'pirate' language)
- Last but not least, here comes the music. Nobody would think of a real pirate party without a song. This may be a good opportunity to learn and sing the famous Drunken Sailor, either with the original Irish rhythm...

...or, why not, in the Spanish version by "Celtas Cortos" :-)

One way or another, Enjoy TLAP Day!!!...  and tell us!!

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