6 November 2013

How Should We Address Poverty? Do Now as a class!!!

How should the U.S. treat people who are living in poverty? 

What would an anti-poverty agenda look like? 

Devise one piece of legislation that could make a difference.

The issue comes up as the US Census Bureau announced that the US poverty rate has remained roughly at this same level since 2011. 46 million Americans — 15 percent of the population — are now counted as living in poverty.

The main resource is an interview of  Robert Reich who talks about “Inequality for All,” a documentary about the former labor secretary’s personal crusade to explain to Americans why everyone should care about the nation’s growing economic disparity and divisiveness. 

There is also a great comic infographic that defines poverty from KQED's The Lowdown (under the More Resources section).

If you are teaching B2 - C1 lessons, join Do Now and get in touch with lots of students and teachers around the world at the same time as you make your contribution on current issues through social networks, from an educational point of view.

Here's the Do Now: http://blogs.kqed.org/education/2013/11/01/how-should-we-address-poverty/

To respond to the Do Now, you can comment below or tweet your response. Be sure to begin your tweet with @KQEDEdspace and end it with #DoNowPoverty

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