8 November 2013

My Dream Classroom

Have you ever wished to have a jacuzzi in your classroom? Or, maybe a tennis court, a piano, some clothes shops and, of course, plenty of computers and mobile phones everywhere?
Students of ESO1B at IES La Zafra in Motril have had the opportunity of designing their ideal classroom. Most of them are in Hawaii, but we also have classrooms in New York, London and even...Jupiter!!! Five to ten students per classroom as average and most of the times, with no teachers. (...)
They have even been allowed to chose the subjects taught in those Dream Classrooms and, of course, the winner is: Wassap. One hour everyday, followed by lessons of tuenti, shopping, football, and, of course, PSP, XBox... No need to have a recess as you can sit comfortably in the huge sofas placed everywhere or have a swim in the huge swimming pools that you can find in almost all of our classrooms. And, believe it or not,  in mid november, in Motril, most of the classroom didn't forget to install... Air Conditioned!!
You can find more details about the process of building those classrooms as well as the evaluation rubric on our CLASSROOM BLOG
And here is a little sample of our work so far:


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