21 February 2014

A winter landscape

Last week we finished our topic of winter in the two classes of 5 year-old students. The class teacher (spanish one) and I decided to create a poster done by the students about winter landscapes. We thought it would be great to do it like if it was modern art. 

Each group of students have to use four different techniques:

1. Colour all the piece of paper with black wax crayon and then they could draw the snowflakes in two ways or using white wax crayon or scrachinig it with a toothstick. 

2. Colour the background with a black crayon and then they stick small pieces of cotton as if they were snowflakes.

3. On a white piece of paper the stick small cuttings of black tissue paper, the small white spaces they leave among the black one simulated the snowflakes.

4. On a black pieces of cartuline we put drops of paint and they extend it with a toothstick. 

Here you can see the final product.

Javier Ramos Sancha and Carmen Jesús Bravo

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