10 February 2014

My name, my address, my PLE

This post is a tribute to #EDUPLEMOOC, the online course organized by the INTEF  which is being followed by a few thousand people, most of them teachers, but also students and other people interested in reflecting about the way we learn in a connected environment.
Last year, students at IES "La Zafra" in Motril had the opportunity to learn about PLEs and PLNs as well as make a first draft of their PLE which they would keep filling in as they found new ways to learn and/or to connect themselves through the Internet.
HERE is the link to the task where you can check that a PLE is not just for adults or university students, but is perfectly suitable for the young ones.
As a result of that research, debate and reflection, and after having had a look at the teacher's PLE, we have some prototypes of what some day will be  complete and well developed students' Personal learning Environments.
-Marta's PLE
-Elvira's PLE
-Javi's PLE
-Mase's PLE
-Lucía's PLE
-Mike's PLE
-Andrea's PLE
-Antonio's PLE
-Migue's PLE

What about you? Have you already started your PLE?


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