4 April 2016

Creating a map about our town: Aguilar de Campoo

Along the second term of this school year the students of Year 2 of Colegio San Gregorio in Aguilar de Campoo had to learn about the different places of the city (town hall, supermarket, library, main square). 

For that purpose we did to different task:

  • First of all we created a big poster at the classroom in which each student had to go and take a real photo of the different parts of the town.

  • Secondly, we prepare in pairs the script for a video in which the students explain the different places of the town with at least to sentences explaining it. Then we went out to record all the videos. Here are all the final products:

  • Finally we created a Google Map, like if it was a touristic guide of our town: Aguilar de Campoo.  Here it is for you,  we hope you like it. 

We hope you enjoyed it, we did it!!

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