20 April 2016

History Video Challenge for CLIL students

Today we are sharing a CLIL activity for Primary students, designed by a team of students at the Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid.

They are working right now in a collaborative e-project to teach History in a different way, and have created a video challenge.

As you know, when you want to record a video it is really essential to plan everything in advance. An easy way to do it is by storyboarding your video, which means planning every scene to have it ready for the recording moment. They have used StoryBoard That to create this amazing outline. As you can see, they have included the characters, the backgrounds (they will use a croma when recording to add them by video editing) and everything they were going to say.

StoryBoard That is easy to use and you can create 6 scenes for free where you can add characters, bakgrounds and edit them with a great variety of designs.

Made with Storyboard That

Having made this outline, they were ready to record their video. As you can see they planned to dress up as different people in different times in History, So there they went!

In the video they present a new challenge to their children: they will have to crceate their own comic about History!

They think that this is an amazing way of teaching History in a different way. Children will be more motivated and focused on their task since they will have to use a online web tool called Pixton, which allows people to create online comics for free.

And here is their amazing production:

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