25 April 2016

Learning about the body & senses with ICT

Name of the Reporters: Raquel Diez, Celia Lancharro, Patricia Madrueño and Natalia Martínez
Name of school: Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

We would like to introduce our CLIL e-project, which is called Learning about Body and senses with ICT. It is a collaborative e-project carried out by our team in the Master’s Degree in Bilingual Education at URJC. It is aimed to be introduced to 3rd graders of Primary Education.

We were asked to make a video showing our e-project by firstly making a planning of it. In order to create our video planning, we decided to use the StoryboardThat webtool, since it is a very visual but simple resource to make comics and it would help us have a clear idea about what to do in our e-project video.

Our e-project proposal is that children create a poster using Canva. In this sense, the steps in the CLIL challenge which students will have to follow are:

  1. Make groups of 3 people in order to work cooperatively. 
  2. Each group will have to search for information on the Internet about the body and senses. They will also have to select and collect this information in order to create the poster.
  3. They will have to create a Canva account (one per group).
  4. Using the information they’ve found on the Internet, they will make a poster including visual support as images or videos.
  5. Finally, each group will share their creation on the social network (twitter, pinterest, facebook, the school blog…)

Here you have our final Storyboard:

Made with Storyboard That

And if you prefer, you can click on the following link to see it: https://www.storyboardthat.com/storyboards/93_nat/the-senses

After creating our storyboard we could start recording our e-project video.  The storyboard helped us to have a guideline to follow.

In this video we show our CLIL e-project about the body and the senses. We wanted to create an original and engaging clip. For this reason, we have recorded it as if we were students in a classroom carrying the e-project out. We have used a smartphone to record our videoclip, and then, we chose Windows Movie Maker to create and edit the final video.

Have a look at our e-project video:

Here you can meet us and learn more about our team on:

Raquel Diez Alonso → Twitter: @raqueldial & e-Portfolio: learningbydoingwithict.blogspost.com.es
Celia Lancharro Román → Twitter: @celialancharro & e-Portfolio: http://ictandbilingualeducation.blogspot.com.es/
Patricia Madrueño Sierro → Twitter: @patimasie & e-Porfolio: patimasie.tumblr.com
Natalia Martínez Domínguez → Twitter: @NataliaMD93 & e-Portfolio: http://motivationintheclassroom.blogspot.com.es/

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