27 April 2016

Video challenge to learn about animals

Today, a group of students from the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos studying a Master’s Degree in Bilingual Education, have created a comic using Storyboard That and a video using Sony Vegas Pro to explain an activity that they have included in a collaborative e-project they are currently designing for their Master's Degree.

The authors are:

Guillermo Lagarejos @GLHmaster                    
Marina Goizueta @GoizuetaMarina
Teresa Martín @Teresa_md                            
Laura Pérez @LauritaPerz
María Collado @Maria_collado92
Sara Rodríguez @SaritaSar0

Made with Storyboard That

The aim of their video is to motivate learners to do an activity while and after their visit to Faunia. As their e-project is about animals, they decided that a school trip to Faunia could be a fun way to keep working on this topic while children learn more about it.

In the video they briefly explain how to carry out a research on the animals’ topic in which children will investigate, take notes and look for specific information about the characteristics of vertebrate animals. Then they would prepare a presentation using Genially to share their experience and learning to the rest of the class.

Before recording themselves, they have been thinking on the organization of the video, roles and what to say. To have a clear idea of what they wanted to do, they used StoryboardThat, an online tool in which you can create an storyboard, similar to a comic, to create a story or present an activity to children, for instance.

In this case they have used this tool to describe their video, which consists of explaining an activity to children about visiting Faunia. This tool has been very easy to use and it is great for students as it is engaging and attractive for them. It could be used in class to explain an activity or develop their imagination by creating stories.

The comic that they have created is divided into different frames:

-          Presentation of the activity

-          Explanation of what students have to do in Faunia

-          Tools that they are going to use in Faunia

-          Students in Faunia

-          Explanation of the activity after the trip

-          Final comments

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