10 June 2015

Creative Writing

This is the CLIL e-publication Montserrat Mejía has designed for young bilingual learners along her Master's Degree Module on The Use of ICT and Web Resources for Primary Bilingual Education at URJC from February to May 2015.

The e-publication is intended for young learners to develop their writing skills while accomplishing challenges and crafting digital missions.

Montserrat Mejía has been inspired by the EVO Crafting the ePerfect Textbook 2015 session, which has been her starting point to evaluate publications of the kind and dive into visual principles.

Later on, she mindmapped her e-publication and decided on blogging as her personal showcase for the final outcome, while she was curating resources to be included in her challenges and missions.

At the same time, she connected with other educators worldwide and took part in several international collaborative projects, which were also a source of inspiration for her hands-on practice at designing her open educational digital blog.

Her experience at the Spring Blog Festival 2015,  the Twima 2 Project and Moodle MOOC 6 are highlighted by the author herself as outstanding chances to meet teaching peers and get to know what is on in the elearning educational world.

You are all welcome to surf her final outcome, navigage along the various challenges she is proposing as well as viewing and listening to her reflections on her own learning process.

The story of a young writer by montsem_88 on GoAnimate

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