25 June 2015

Let's make learning fun

Here you are the e-publication Jimena Acevedo has recently released for Primary CLIL learners after having completed her Master's Degree Module on  The Use of ICT and Web Resources for Primary Bilingual Education at University Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid: Let's make learning fun!

The overview of this digital resource is clarifyingly mindmapped, so you can check to view the goals, key competencies, scaffolding and much more the author has envisaged from the very beginning.

The author has first thought of visual elements and principles, and in order to be able to think about that and put it into practice in her own e-publication, she has previously searched for inspiration in other ebooks, which she has evaluated:

After this prior step, and after curating and gathering some CLIL resources, tools and apps, to be included in her outcome, Jimena has dived into the difficult adventure of creating learning missions for her learners and any other kids interested in learning about landscapes and living things in English. She has eventually come up with audio and video challenges, storyboards and some other artifacts that you are all invited to surf now.

Finally, and after three months of solid work with ICT and web resources, Jimena has disseminated her work on a worldwide live session at WizIQ, co-presenting for Moodle MOOC 6, and has reflected about her own learning journey when creating her first e-publication ever.

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