24 June 2015

Landscapes around the world

Cristina Fradejas is a CLIL Primary Education teacher who has just finished her Master's Degree Module on The Use of ICT and Web Resources for Primary Bilingual Education at University Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid.

All along the aforesaid module, she has been working on crafting a CLIL e-publication for Primary CLIL learners, which she is sharing now with all of us: Landscapes around the world. This open educational resource is aimed at ten-year-old students to learn Science through projects. Its main objective is to allow students to master information related to landscapes and their main characteristics, and in order for them to be able to accomplish that, Cristina has created a whole area for students to go on learning missions with which they work various skills and compentencies.

Check the e-publication infographic and/or its mindmap for an overview:

Some of the most engaging proposals in this e-publication are her challenge storyboard to foster students' competence on investigation and autonomous learning,

her video clip posing a problem for learners to help solve,

her cooperative slideshow with her peer Aser Santos,

or her playlist to encourage speaking skills.

Cristina is aware of the importance of being a connected teacher so that to spread connections among her students too, and that is the reason why she has contributed to collaborative projects, events and educational initiatives which have allowed her to be aware of innovative trends, establish relationships with other educators worldwide and open her teaching to a community of professional lifelong peers.

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