23 June 2015

The 7 Continents


A very engaging title for a CLIL e-publication for young Primary Education learners to learn and investigate about Geography in English. This is how Rubén M. Ferrero has named the student-centered digital open resource he has designed along the Master's Degree Module on The Use of ICT and Web Resources for Primary Bilingual Education he has just completed at University Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid.

Meet Rubén by viewing his 321 Introduction and then have a look at the e-publication skeleton and infographic for a better understanding of his goals and aims at designing it and how to apply it in bilingual lessons.

Once inside, I invite you to explore the challenges Rubén is proposing the learners to rise up to, led by the main character of the e-publication, that is, Alan Walker, whom you can meet thanks to a storyboard, and later brainstorm with him about the knowledge gained through autonomous investigation.

But, better than reading about it all, why not listening to the author himself and his self-reflection on the e-publication? There you go!

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