18 June 2015

Discovering new planets

 If you are into rockets and flying your imagination away, the CLIL e-publication by Estefanía Blanco is definately for you. Estefanía has been working on her Weebly for three months, while attending her Master's Degree Module on The Use of ICT and Web Resources for Primary Bilingual Education at University Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid and becoming a connected teacher who takes part in collaborative projects worldwide.

Her CLIL e-publication is aimed at fifth year bilingual learners to investigate on planets in such a way that in the end, they will be able to create an amazing new planet themselves! 

If you are a student and are ready to launch this rocket, check the Students area and rise up to the challenge Estefanía is proposing. Begin unveiling the Augmented Reality mystery just with your mobile device, the Aurasma app and following eblancoh channel there.

Or, if you are more into video missions and mixing planets, Art and healthy life, that is, a mad combination of collaborative learning paths, meet Pedro and dream along:

But, in order to create your amazing planet and keep it friendly enough for others to want and go to live in it, one should start by becoming aware of how to live clean, and that is what Estefanía is teaching you to do, in collaboration with her teacher peer Nora Lomas, through a cute story narrated with Storybird: 'Living in Cleanly by StefiNora'.

And, of course, being able to guess is a great way to learn, too, and that is why Estefanía is sending you on an audio challenge that fosters both listening skills and cuorisity for learning more:

No matter which challenges you choose to rise up to, you are bound to look forward to creating that planet of yours, and present it to your classmates, as in this short sample clip the author has designed to present her own ideal new planet looking for inhabitants.

Of course, you are not alone in this rocking mission. Resources, tips and lots of help have been envisaged to guide you in the search of your new planet, such as the neat webmix Estefanía has compiled to make your creative life easier.

And, if you are a CLIL Primary teacher, the e-publication also has an area for you, the Teachers' section where you are going to find the skeleton and the mindmap of 'Discovering new Planets', together with the author's experience on the process of creating and the sources she has got inspiration from.

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