22 June 2015

Elizabeth of Austria

The mysterious augmented image above is actually the cover of the e-publication Lourdes de los Mares has designed for CLIL Primary Bilingual learners along the Master's Degree Module on The Use of ICT and Web Resources for Primary Bilingual Education she has just completed at University Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid.

Unveil what the cover is hiding with your Aurasma app; follow LourdesRosaDelmares and, as the author suggests, delve into the story of an intriguing puzzling historical lady as Elizabeth of Austria was at her time.

As any connected innovative teacher nowadays, before jumping into designing and developing an open educational resource, Lourdes analysed what she needed, the aims and goals of her artifact, investigated, searched for information, filtered and curated what best matched her ideas, and in order to gather all the resources, tips and inspiration, she created a nice list of digital resources for the digital classroom, which she would later incorporate to her epublication.
Her 'Elizabeth of Austria - The shadow of loneliness' is full of resources and learning mission for 12-year-old learners, who are challenged with video and audio challenges, collaborative presentations and connected adventures so that they understand the life of this sad-looking Queen. Besides, the author herself has gone on a hands-on approach and created a student-centered e-publication with lots of examples and guidelines produced by Lourdes herself, such as Voki Avatars, Powtoon animated clips and so forth, which work as scaffolding from a CLIL viewpoint. Just check the Students section in the e-publication and surf around.

Teachers are not forgotten in this e-publication, of course, and Lourdes has a whole area focused on various inspiring collaborative projects and online events worldwide, where she has participated herself and has found inspiration, too, so she is sharing them now in case any other teacher might also find them useful.

You are all invited to know Elizabeth of Austria better now, and from a somewhat different viewpoint to the usual historical one, as well as to meet Lourdes and view how she has understood her journey across this project based learning adventure.

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