15 June 2015

We are storytellers - final storytellings

As final product of the task "We are storytellers", I would like to introduce you the storytellings created by the pupils of Year 6 of San Gregorio School in Aguilar de Campoo

You could check that they are loading of imagination and effort.

They have a topic in common "The Sea", just explore them.

"Neptune in apures" by StorytellersSG

"The rare aquarium" by Naranja4

"I want to be a child!" by Loltellers

"The sea party triatlon" by Awesomestorytellers

"Saving the sea" by Andreasglobi

"Amazing Pirates" by H, A, V & P

"Lucy, the hero girl" by Teresa, Giselle, Andrés y Rodrigo

"We don't want cheaters" by SeaStorytellers6BMLC

In a nutshell, congratulations to the authors as result of their effort and their books.

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